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"Dental insurance" and "vision insurance" are scams, aren't they?

My workplace offers dental and vision coverage, but the price is mostly or all payable by employees, and the benefits are really limited . . . so limited I think they're just scams. I don't see any real advantage to signing up, except for the insurance company.
Dental coverage mostly covers nothing except routine exams and twice-a-year cleanings. You can select a higher-price plan that will cover a percentage of the cost for fillings, or an even high-priced plan that covers fillings and a portion of the fee for x-rays and other needed expenses. There's a ceiling, a maximum amount the dental policy will pay in a given year, which varies depending on how much you're paying in, but it's not enough to consider yourself "covered" if you chip a tooth or get into an accident and need serious dental attention. In my opinion the coverage is meager and overpriced.
Vision coverage doesn't cover any actual accident or injury to your vision. It covers nothing except an annual eye exam and partial-payment for glasses or contacts. You're limited to getting the glasses from only pre-approved shops and pre-approved brands of eyewear — mostly expensive, designer frames. You end up paying hundreds of dollars for this vision coverage, but with no coverage at all you can go to Stanton Optical or America's Best and get a free eye exam, buy a much more affordable pair of glasses, or take your prescription to Zenni, for glasses that look good and wear well, priced at $20 to $40 per pair.
Dental insurance and vision insurance are both so very complicated with many loopholes and limitations, you could study the documentation for hours and cross your fingers and sign up, and still not really know whether you're covered. The odds are against you when you gamble against the casino. These policies are designed to be stingy.
I'm only complaining about the dental and vision benefits at my workplace, which are probably similar everywhere but might be different than yours.
I'm not talking about health coverage, which is also a rip-off (exponentially more so) but it's a required rip-off here in the USA, where health is not a human right, just a product you buy and hope it works, like a used car but less reliable.
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Academic Camp
Addiction Resources Center
Addiction Service
Addiction Treatment Center
Adult Entertainment Service
Advertising Agency
Aerospace Company
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Agricultural Service
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Airline Industry Service
Airport Shuttle Service
Alternative & Holistic Health Service
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Amateur Sports Team
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Whisky Bar
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Wine Bar
Wine, Beer & Spirits Store
Women's Clothing Store
Women's Health Clinic
Work Position
Workplace & Office
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Yoga Studio
Youth Organization
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Persona 5 Royal: July 18th Famitsu Article Summary/ Analysis Part 2 (Scans)

Part 1 of the Famitsu Analysis.
Link to the scans (via Persona Central).
Part 1 has the meat of this analysis, but now that we have the scans we can draw further conclusions from the official renders and screenshots. So, let's get started!
New Personas:
The first two pages of the scans give us the official renders for William, Celestine and Gorokichi; the new Ultimate Personas for Ryuji, Ann and Ryuji respectively. As was the case with William, the other two are based on the user's base Persona and appear as modern versions of them too:
I don't know if this is intentional, but all three of these Personas wear eyewear (William a visor, Celestine glasses and Gorokichi shades). Will all third tier Personas also have "masks" of their own, or is it just a coincidence that the three we got here just happened to have eyewear in their designs?
Anyway, as stated in Part 1, this confirms that the new Ultimate Personas will be based on each character's original Persona and will have a name to match. This means we can make some predictions about the names of the remaining Personas (thank you u/DeusAxeMachina and u/KuroShiroTaka for almost all of these!):
I've bolded the ones I 'm personally betting on out of the ones here (besides, William showed that Atlus isn't afraid to use "mundane" names if they fit their themes). Also, it's interesting that these Personas have "regressed" from being mythological tricksters. Is this part of the "you can change yourself through your own efforts" message the original game ended with (and even Ren mentions in the reveal trailer)?
The first two slides also give us new renders of the first four Thieves in their uniforms too, in addition to the new Thief renders we've been seeing since the reveal. While most of the "real world" screenshots are taken from the Thieves' Confidants, the picture with Joker seems to be taken from the cutscene from the reveal trailer where Kasumi dances in front of a crowd - and given the spotlight behind him this seems to be quite the event. Could this be what Kasumi's class brings to the school festival? Since this takes place before the Casino Palace, it would make sense for Joker to be alone here too (after all, we can only say for sure that Kasumi appears before him there and know nothing about whether the other Thieves - save Morgana - even know she exists before then).
The final two spreads recap what we learned from Morgana Report 3. There are two things worth noting about the second half of the third spread though (Page 6 of 8 overall and Page 167 of the magazine). First off is the explanation in the top right of the old temple that raises max SP. In the trailer Joker simply meditated for a while and got 3 SP for his trouble, whereas in this screenshot he goes full galaxy brain glows gold! We speculated before that 3 SP was far too low a gain for a full activity gain, so perhaps there is indeed a SP-boost boosting item...or more likely, perhaps you need to meditate a few times before you get the full benefits of it? Just like working out!
The second thing of note here is directly below, where Joker is talking to a man in shades. His bright shirt makes him look like a tourist and he could simply be an NPC (the text is too small to make out, but if anyone good with Japanese can take a look I'd be very grateful!) but could he instead be related to the person Joker spoke to at the liquor store in the Morgana Report footage and/ or the suspicious person mentioned a few times in the reveal trailer (assuming that wasn't Kasumi)?
At the bottom of the spread (Page 5) is a shot of Futaba at the jazz club and we can see that she also gains affinity points (three, given the one we see is blue) - so this tells us that on top of granting bonus EXP, the club also has the benefits of an ordinary hangout spot too! Maybe this'll be a good place to go whenever we're hit with an "I don't think our relationship will develop further" roadblock when advancing Confidants? If so, will the affinity bonuses ever drop off after a while?
Also, not having any reason to hang out with someone after maxing their Confidant was a complaint levied at the original game; is the jazz club (and everything else in Kichijoji for that matter) a way to fix that since it seems the club will always be relevant (and if so, will we get additional scenes if we go there after reaching Rank 10 with and/ or romancing the person we go there with)?
The left side of the spread is mostly a recap of the new Baton Pass, but look at the image of Ann passing to Yusuke halfway through. You may have thought that this was Madarame's Palace and the white backdrop was a picture of a tree's roots as I did, but if you look closely at the top right corner (which is cut off by the picture showcasing Baton Pass 0) you can see Futaba's neck - and Futaba doesn't join for another two Palaces! If you zoom in on the picture, you'll also see that the last member of the team is Kasumi! I initially thought the right side of the screenshot was black from the aura of one of the new "devil" enemies, but that isn't the case either: the colour looks far too solid (and may even be a giant TV screen as seen in Ryuji's trailer). You can see Ann and Yusuke's shadows on the floor and the angle of the other lines suggest they're shadows too even though they don't match the lines of the wall/ door behind them. It's clear this is a new Palace, but is there an illusion in play here too (maybe as a mechanic to break through like the painting and spot-the-difference puzzles in Madarame's Palace)?
(As an aside, since he's only gaining 2 SP we can tell this is only the first Baton Pass of the turn since that's roughly 1% of his max.)
The picture directly below it also confirms yet another newcomer to the Persona series - Cait Sith (thank you for identifying it, u/Savixeon)! I thought the one to its right was already in Persona 5 but I can't find it on the wiki, so if anyone can identify it too I'd be very grateful! u/Savixeon comes through again! The second Persona is Atavaka, who was planned for the original game (and was in Persona 4) but removed during development. Looks like he's back on the menu!
In any case, the top of the last page gives us another look at Characteristics. The Persona being fused is Koppa Tengu and the Characteristic chosen is "Individually focused gaze," which boosts the accuracy of single-target skills by 20%. The other options are "Chain of [hands?]" (the highlighted, top option) and "Contagious envy" (the third option). We don't know what these do yet but the article tells us that all Characteristics are positive, so the "Envy" trait will likely also be positive in some way. (After all, P4 stresses the importance of accepting yourself, warts and all, and P5 also has the cast fighting and later embracing different sins.)
Also worth noting is Koppa Tengu's Skills have been changed. While it always started with Garu and learns Growth 1 at Level 12 (both of which are true here) its second innate Skill used to be the Gun Skill Snap, but this has been changed to a status ability I can't read (again, help would be greatly appreciated)! It seems that on top of some skills having their elements changed, Personas' movelists are also open to being changed!
The bottom right of the spread is dedicated to Showtimes. Here we see an extra frame of the Ann/ Morgana attack which also shows their "unified logo" which takes the form of a pink pawprint, while the shot of Makoto and Haru in a wrestling ring also has a fan holding a sign that says "Q&N". Since Haru and Morgana's "logo" used their real names ("h&m," to be precise) maybe in the context of the attack these two are wrestling with their Thief names as pseudonyms? And while Ryuji and Yusuke don't have a logo like the others, the store they're in belongs to Yusuke, so maybe its logo is considered theirs.
This is something I forgot to mention before: Famitsu released some screenshots before the leak that they didn't have space for in the magazine itself. One of them was a screenshot of January 16th which showed Yusuke asking Joker:
Aren't you [protagonist's name]? You're not as chill as usual...
We've speculated before that Joker is the only one aware of the illusions in January, but this seems to confirm that he will indeed be the odd one out among the Thieves and shaken by the things going on around him. Maybe this part of the game will give him some character development as well as everyone else; maybe he gets his Ultimate Persona by being brave enough to tell his friends that their dreams are all lies?
And that brings us to the end of another analysis! I didn't expect this to have much worth discussing but it's always crazy how much detail is hidden away in these screenshots! As always, please let me know what I should add or fix!
Also, because linking to your own website is treated as self-promotion, I will be saving link posts for "big" news releases like Morgana Reports if we ever get more than one batch of information released per week. But please let me know if you even like going to Wordpress as with my previous analysis! Also, please check out this master post containing all the information we've gotten until now.
And yet again, thank you so much for your time. I hope you enjoyed reading this!
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Need a little help with the load order and compatibility of my mods [FNV]

I know the load order I'm about to vomit up is quite a lot but I've been playing this game since release and would like to have it heavily modded like some of y'all out there, problem is that this shit confuses the hell out of me. If anyone could help see what mods may be the issue and what I could do about it would be a huge help, thank you so much.
0 0 FalloutNV.esm
1 1 DeadMoney.esm
2 2 HonestHearts.esm
3 3 OldWorldBlues.esm
4 4 LonesomeRoad.esm
5 5 GunRunnersArsenal.esm
6 6 ClassicPack.esm
7 7 MercenaryPack.esm
8 8 TribalPack.esm
9 9 CaravanPack.esm
Speedy Resources.esm
10 a Interior Lighting Overhaul - Core.esm
11 b Vurt's WFO.esm
12 c OWNB - Open World.esm
13 d ELECTRO-CITY - CompletedWorkorders.esm
14 e FCOMaster.esm
15 f rePopulated Wasteland.esm
16 10 AWorldOfPain(Preview).esm
17 11 NVInteriors_Core.esm
18 12 NVInteriors_ComboEdition.esm
19 13 Momod.esm
20 14 factions reloaded raiders v2.esp
21 15 RustTownV1Master.esm
22 16 ELECTRO-CITY - Highways and Byways.esm
23 17 NewVegasRailroads.esm
24 18 The New Bison Steve Hotel.esm
25 19 NVR-Strip.esm
26 1a NVWillow.esp
27 1b SkeletonsFNV.esm Shogo_Heavy_Industries.esm
28 1c APOLLOAndroids.esm
29 1d Interior Lighting Overhaul - L38PS.esm
30 1e IntimacyOverhaul_v1.0.esm
31 1f SomeguySeries.esm
32 20 FuckableCompanions.esp
33 21 TMMS Version 9 - Casinos.esp
34 22 TMMS Version 9 - Messages.esp
35 23 NVR-Version_10.esp
36 24 brayduck_classic.esp
37 25 Uncut Wasteland.esp
38 26 CleaninguptheMojave.esp
39 27 FCO - NPC Changes.esp FreesideAgain.esp
40 28 New Vegas Landscape Overhaul.esp
41 29 WMIMNV.esp
42 2a HolySprings.esp
43 2b NiptonRebuilt.esp RustTownAdditions3.esp
44 2c L38Improved.esp
45 2d MetalBoxes.esp
46 2e TMMS Version 9 - Difficulty & Balance.esp
47 2f TLD_Travelers.esp
48 30 Primm Reborn.esp
49 31 NVNovacApartament.esp
50 32 Novac Reborn.esp
51 33 pnv.esp
52 34 TMMS Version 9 - Crafting.esp
53 35 TMMS Version 9 - Ammo.esp
54 36 TMMS Version 9 - Perks.esp
55 37 TMMS Version 9 - Chems Modification.esp
56 38 ApocalypticMojave.esp
57 39 factions reloaded followers.esp
58 3a vault22FloralOverhaul.esp
59 3b NV_IFR.esp
60 3c TMMS Version 9 - Junk & Clutter.esp
61 3d delilah.esp
62 3e Goodsprings Reborn.esp
63 3f Mojave Wildlife (Vanilla-Style).esp
64 40 OWNB - Red Canyon Overhaul.esp
65 41 VegasGarage.esp
66 42 ArizonaArmy.esp
67 43 FNV Realistic Wasteland Lighting - All DLC.esp
68 44 BLMedical.esp
69 45 FNV Realistic Wasteland Lighting - ENB DLC.esp
70 46 NVR-NPCs.esp
71 47 I15REBORN1.0.esp
72 48 PG Camp North.esp
73 49 TMMS Version 9 - Map Markers.esp
 FNV Realistic Wasteland Lighting - ENB.esp 
74 4a populatedcasino.esp
75 4b Animated Prostitution.esp
76 4c Bouncing Natural Breasts.esp
77 4d CowFood2pointOh.esp
78 4e DYNAVISION 2 - Dynamic Lens Effect.esp
79 4f CCSP2_5d.esp
80 50 TMMS Version 9 - Better Companions.esp
81 51 pnvhh.esp
82 52 TMMS Version 9 - Weapon Lore Names.esp
83 53 Weapon Retexture Project.esp
84 54 A Better Veronica.esp
85 55 ADAM Complete.esp
86 56 ADAM - MAIN.esp
87 57 TheLozza's_Gasmasks_V2.esp
88 58 ADAM - NCR Patrol Armor.esp
89 59 ADAM - Nemesis Armor Pack.esp
90 5a AWOP Revs - You Are Still The Hero.esp
91 5b NVR-ELECTRO-CTIY_Patch.esp
92 5c realistic headshots.esp
93 5d behemoth.esp
94 5e ADAM - Rangers on Patrol.esp
95 5f I15REBORN2.1.esp
96 60 NukaCola-Ojo.esp
97 61 AWOP Revs - Help In Goodsprings.esp
98 62 CheckpointGary.esp
99 63 I15REBORN2.0Reborn.esp
100 64 ADAM - Outcast Ranger Armor.esp
101 65 ADAM - Trooper Gloves.esp
102 66 Apollo_Younger_Faces.esp
103 67 AWOP Revs - Extra Gear.esp
104 68 AWOP Revs - LD Eyewear.esp
105 69 AWOP Revs - Scaled Goodsprings Fight.esp
106 6a AWOP WRP Patch.esp
 ED-E 3D Sound.esp 
107 6b FCO - Delilah.esp
108 6c FCO - GlowingOne.esp
109 6d FCO - OHSB NPC Edits.esp
 FCO - Russell.esp 
110 6e FCO - The New Bison Steve.esp
111 6f ILO - Rust Town 2.esp
112 70 NVGustsyHandyAnimatedEyes.esp
113 71 IrisMisterRobotNV.esp
114 72 Mojave Nights.esp
115 73 NaturalWaters.esp
116 74 NPCs Can Miss.esp
117 75 NVAnimatedEDEFace.esp
 NVFeralGhoulChildren.esp NVInteriors Patch.esp pnvnvbount1.esp 
118 76 SpoonRedone.esp
119 77 Energy Weapons Amplified.esp
120 78 FalloutNVDLCOptimized.esp
121 79 TMMS Version 9 - Money.esp
122 7a Roberts_NewVegas.esp
123 7b IntimacyOverhaul Delilah Patch.esp
124 7c I15REBORN1.01.esp
125 7d IntimacyOverhaul FuckableFNV Patch.esp
126 7e Interior Lighting Overhaul - Ultimate Edition.esp
 ILO - A World of Pain.esp ILO - New Vegas Bounties II.esp ILO - New Vegas Bounties.esp 
127 7f ILO - NVInteriors Project.esp
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My Survival Play-Thru Mod List

At 807 hours of play (semi-retired film-industry professional - work is either HOT or COLD), I just "finished" my third full play-thru on the "new, improved" survival mode. I thought I would post a list of my mods and why I use them, as that seems an intersting thing to do (I know I read those kinds of posts, anyway). I also will hold forth opinions on the mods I might or might not use again on a Survival play-thru.
I have played through all the current DLC. My most used companion was Nick (armed with Spray and Pray), followed by MacCready (Gauss Rifle) and Strong (Fire Hydrant Club, see below). All companions except Danse were at admired-level before the Nuclear Option (which occured around level 75). My go-to weapon was a suppressed Two-Shot Radium Rifle, with The Last Minute kitted out as a sniper rifle. I sided with the Minutemen after infiltrating the Institute and belatedly assassinating Dr. Ayo in his quarters one night - he deserved it anyway and I couldn't bring myself to confront my son so...directly. I found the Minuteman ending overall the most satisfactory and the most "optimistic for the future". I destroyed the BOS after the Institute was destroyed.
I'll go by alphabetical order:
Finally, special mentions:
That's all, folks.
EDIT: Because I can't spell "Codsworth" to save my life?
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Theft - Having fun while making money ^.^

So last night while infiltrating a gambling ring (think casino royale) I miraculously was able to win not only the high roller jackpot I also got goggles-of-minute-seeing (+5 disable divice) as a mega prize from the owner as a job well done. Now that I have the goggles, my 1st instinct is to run to the market and break into then rob every store that I can. Suggestions on how to best do this/better ideas on making money with my fancy eyewear.
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Race Thread: Kobalt Tools 400

Race #3: Kobalt Tools 400

Las Vegas Motor Speedway: Las Vegas, NV
  • Track Length: 1.5 mile oval
  • Front straight: 2,275 feet
  • Back straight: 1,572 feet
  • Banking: Corners:20°, Front Straight: 9°, Back Straight: 9°
  • Pace Car Speeds: Pit Road - 45 mph; Track 55 mph
Weather: 70 degrees F | Sunny and Clear
Race Info
2011 Pole Winner: Matt Kenseth (finished 11th) 28.589, 188.884 mph
2011 Race Winner: Carl Edwards (started 3rd)
Happy Hour Winner: Joey Logano - 29.513; 182.970 mph
To the rear: Ky.Busch & Johnson (backup cars), Montoya (engine change), Smith (transmission)
Pit Stall Selections: Here
Starting Lineup
Position Driver CaSponsor Time Speed
1 Kasey Kahne Farmers Insurance 190.456 28.353
2 Kyle Busch M&M's Ms. Brown 190.04 28.415
3 Kevin Harvick Budweiser 190.014 28.419
4 Dale Earnhardt Jr. National Guard / Diet Mountain Dew 189.873 28.44
5 Clint Bowyer 5-hour Energy 189.807 28.45
6 Jimmie Johnson Lowe's / Kobalt Tools 189.773 28.455
7 Tony Stewart Mobil 1 / Office Depot 189.667 28.471
8 Joey Logano Dollar General 189.62 28.478
9 Greg Biffle 3M / Meguiars 189.5 28.496
10 Martin Truex Jr. NAPA Auto Parts 189.421 28.508
11 Matt Kenseth Zest 189.208 28.54
12 Kurt Busch Tag Heuer Eyewear 189.148 28.549
13 Mark Martin Aaron's Dream Machine 188.97 28.576
14 A.J. Allmendinger Pennzoil 188.937 28.581
15 Marcos Ambrose Dewalt 188.91 28.585
16 Jeff Gordon DuPont 20 Years 188.758 28.608
17 Denny Hamlin FedEx Freight 188.712 28.615
18 Ryan Newman Quicken Loans 188.436 28.657
19 Jamie McMurray McDonald's 188.16 28.699
20 Brad Keselowski Miller Lite 188.134 28.703
21 Carl Edwards Aflac 188.088 28.71
22 Jeff Burton Caterpillar 187.754 28.761
23 Brendan Gaughan South Point Hotel & Casino 187.669 28.774
24 Bobby Labonte Kingsford / Bush's Beans 187.663 28.775
25 Trevor Bayne Motorcraft / Quick Lane Tire & Auto Center 187.363 28.821
26 Paul Menard Schrock / Menards 187.305 28.83
27 Aric Almirola Richard Petty Fantasy Racing Camp 186.987 28.879
28 Regan Smith Furniture Row / Farm American 186.987 28.879
29 Juan Montoya Clorox 186.78 28.911
30 Landon Cassill Burger King 185.65 29.087
31 David Reutimann Accell Construction 185.644 29.088
32 Casey Mears GEICO 185.274 29.146
33 Josh Wise* Morristown Driver's Service 184.837 29.215
34 David Gilliland Front Row Motorsports 184.685 29.239
35 David Ragan Front Row Motorsports 184.388 29.286
36 J.J. Yeley America Israel Racing 184.37 29.289
37 Travis Kvapil Burger King 184.175 29.32
38 Dave Blaney Ollie's Bargain Outlet 183.949 29.356
39 Michael McDowell Curb Records 183.861 29.37
40 Joe Nemechek / Pellet & Wood Stoves 183.542 29.421
41 Ken Schrader Federated Auto Parts 183.306 29.459
42 Timmy Hill* 182.877 29.528
43 David Stremme Inception Motorsports 182.704 29.556
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Contests Ending This Week | Week of December 20, 2015

Ending 2015-12-20:
Ending 2015-12-21:
Ending 2015-12-22:
Ending 2015-12-23:
Ending 2015-12-24:
Ending 2015-12-25:
Ending 2015-12-26:
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